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The XJR-S Registry
...for Owners & Enthusiasts of the JaguarSport XJR-S

The place to share what you know and find out what you don't
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Welcome, to the home of The XJR-S RegistryTM.

The XJR-S RegistryTM is the place to find out everything there is to know about the JaguarSport XJR-S (at least we hope so...) and to register your car if you are an owner of one (or more) of the 100 numbered cars imported into the United States for the 1993 model year.  If you'd like to see which 'cars' have already joined, click here to get a 'snapshot' of our current membership.  Members at a Glance

The XJR-S RegistryTM is a not-for-profit organization formed by a small group of dedicated XJR-S owners in 2010, having the following three primary objectives:
  • Identify all 100 of the USA-model JaguarSport XJR-S cars, their locations and their owners
  • Facilitate and promote social and technical interaction among like-minded owners
  • Increase awareness of the XJR-S among Jaguar and automobile enthusiasts in general
Some of the information on this website, particularly about the XJR-S, is accessible to visitors.  This is in keeping with one of our primary objectives of disseminating 'accurate' information about one of the rarest Jaguars ever imported into the United States.  This information includes its roots in the Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) organization.  However, as our name implies, we are also a registry.  As such, information pertaining to owners and locations of specific cars is restricted to owners who are members of this organization.  We take our responsibility to protect the identity of owners seriously.  Therefore, members themselves determine what and with whom their information is shared.

We at The XJR-S RegistryTM hope that if you are a current owner of one of these unique cars you will join us in order to access the wealth of information we have pulled together for your benefit.  Some of this information is described under Member Requirements 

If you are a prospective owner, we hope that you'll find the answers you need to make an informed buying decision...perhaps even a car for sale!  Remember, we are here to inform and to help, to the best of our ability. 

Do check Registry News each time you visit to find out what we're up to and to see what's new on our web site...a quick way to stay up to date on events and happenings.