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The XJR-S Registry
...for Owners & Enthusiasts of the JaguarSport XJR-S

The place to share what you know and find out what you don't
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Member Requirements

USA-Model XJR-S Owner

Only an owner of a USA-model XJR-S can become a member of The XJR-S RegistryTM, since the primary purpose of this organization is to identify all 100 of the USA-model JaguarSport XJR-S cars, their locations and their owners, and to facilitate and promote social and technical interaction.  Only as a member, will you be able to:
  • Register your car and receive assistance in identifying the ownership trail, original selling dealer, first sale date, and other interesting facts about your car 
  • Search the registry in order to identify other owners in your state or region
  • Participate in private forums dedicated to technical and social interaction with XJR-S experts and other members
  • Post in publicly viewable forums both 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' ads for XJR-S cars and unique parts, as well as generic XJ-S parts you may have or need 
  • View articles and technical tips to expand your knowledge and improve your ownership experience
  • Access specialized hardware and software to communicate with the Zytek engine management system
  • Learn of sources for XJR-S unique parts

In keeping with our goal of registering all 100 USA-model cars, the first 6 months of membership in The XJR-S RegistryTM is free.  Thereafter, you will be asked for a minimal membership fee of $15 per annum to help defray the cost of maintaining and improving this web site resource.  If you have more than one XJR-S, you must separately register each additional car, with the first 6 months being free and the yearly renewal a modest $5 each thereafter.

Before starting the registration process, you first need to review the list of questions you are required to answer regarding your XJR-S.  By getting the info prepared before you sit down to register, you'll save yourself the frustration of not having the necessary information at your fingertips
(you know how that is...).  Click on the button below to review (and then printout) the application questions for your convenience.  From there you'll be able to access the registration screen.

Application Questions                          




Public Forums

Although membership in The XJR-S RegistryTM is retricted to XJR-S owners, Jaguar and other automotive enthusiasts, and XJR-S car and parts vendors are welcome to view our public forums.  We have three forums available: 
  • A general XJR-S forum where you are welcome to view posts and discussions among owners 
  • A 'For Sale' forum where you may post, free of charge, an XJR-S car and/or XJR-S unique parts that you may want to sell
  • A 'Wanted' forum where you can post a request if you are searching for a car to buy

Keep in mind that posts for cars or parts for sale or wanted are restricted to the XJR-S or any of its unique parts. You are not allowed to post any generic XJ-S parts for sale (this restriction does not apply to members). All 'for sale' and 'wanted' ads are posted by The XJR-S RegistryTM administrators for you, via the 'Contact Us' form.  We would like to be able to offer visitors direct posting access to the 'public' forums, however this is not possible at this time due to the platform 'firewall' which prohibits non-members from posting to forums.